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Ry Ry
17 August 2008 @ 05:56 pm
ok couldn't think of anything else to put there, but just watched shutter, WTF that is just the oddest movie alive, wasn't half bad but still kind of OMG. I do tend to love those japanese inpsired flicks, and what is with the main female that goes to japan why is she always blonde, can't she be a brunette and just blend in, no blonde wavy hair. Sorry I know this is random but i'm bored and there isn't a damn thing happening on my myspace or my facebook, not that much happens on here but me ranting.

Nick's hanging out with Jim love how I got invited along beings I have off and all. Thank god David had off so I had a movie buddy, i'm sure nick won't show up cause he'll be to busy getting it on. UH!!!!!! I hate men, although nick's brother is HOT. And so straight damnit. Just my luck, but not everyone can have an entire gay family for me to pick from so I shouldn't bitch to much.

OMG My coworker has the entertainment weekly with twilight on the cover, so mine she said, I almost DIED, robert pattinson shirtless. Can I be kristen's stunt double ok I know we don't look alike but that's what editing is for...
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Ry Ry
14 August 2008 @ 05:13 pm
So I found out that my theropy is completely covered by my insurence so i'm going for free basically. YAY cause god knows I need it. I saw her once but that's when I thought I was paying and of course when do I ever have money, so now that it's free i'm totally going more often. And of course i'm nervous again I mean it's like pressure to think of what to say, I mean obviously they are there to listen to me rant and rave and bitch about anything I damn well please, but I don't know I mean I feel I have problems until I need to go to the shrink then it's like what's wrong with me again.

I need to work on my depressoin that's for damn sure balling all the way home from a party or the club because your lonely is never fun I feel so bad for nick, but he owes me. LOL.

And of course it's club night. YAY, i'm trying like hell to get up there tonight cause apperntly my friend Karie has a new girlfriend and she needs my approval course even when my friends disapproved I still dated someone, it's my choice in the end. I'll pay for a mistake god knows I have.

And i'm starting work at crocs again now, I need money like no other, so I start next week, my manager is going to flip a shit, but I need money and until my hours pick up or I get a raise i'm going to need to continue working it's as simple as that, end of story. So I can't wait. Yeah it's only a hundred bucks but I need it.
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Ry Ry
12 August 2008 @ 11:04 am
told you I was obsessed

#01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17

why isn't anyone stopping the maddness it's been so long since I've done these, but guess you never really loose your touch...
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Ry Ry
12 August 2008 @ 01:26 am

Which book is the best?

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
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Ry Ry
12 August 2008 @ 01:10 am
so I have to say i'm like totally obsessed with getting back with my ex, and I don't know why. I have a very certin type of guy I usually go for, dark hair, green, brown or blue eyes. Gottee always helps glasses, dorky looking guys, taller guys, buff guys, skinny guys I have without a doubt always drooled after these. And my ex is blonde, shorter then me, stocky gray eyes I mean holly hell it's like a polar opposite and I told him tonight while at work no less (i'm his bloody manager) and I go what the hell have you done to me. And yet i'm his best friend WTF, who better to date, I hate people who agree with him on the friend front, I'm sorry I'm not a bitch and I won't stop being friends with someone just because we aren't a couple anymore I mean obviously, we're closer now then we were when we dated, I mean jesus. I don't know what to do, I mean don't get me wrong if someone else comes along i'll be more then happy to give them my full attention but for now I can't help looking back and wondering where did we go wrong and why can't we try again. I would never treat him like his ex fiancee's would hell I'd follow through like no other with a wedding.

I'm ranting I know. Work is just well work. Today sucked I had like 13 valley girls (I may be one but in large groups JESUS) they only bought one thing no engraving I almost cried, that wold have been phenom to squeeze 6 more bucks out of them. I bet they'll come back on at a time and someone else would so get the credit DAMNIT. Oh well.

I hurt, and you know it sucks i've had 2 dates lined up and well one canceled the other I just might cancel because well it's the same ex as aboves guy that he was roomies with and well chances are they'll go out and then well what's the point if you don't get another date, a boyfriend or a friend out a date then why bother, and i'm already friends with the guy, as much as I would love to go out with him, he's so my type, like how I listed above, and it's like well shit. That could totally sway me to get over the ex.
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Ry Ry
04 August 2008 @ 03:34 am
so yeah it's been over a year, wow WTF, who knew a year could go by so fast, I think I may get into this whole livejournal again cause I can't do the whole writing in a real journal thing.

To catch you up well i'm currently single I've been through 3 boyfriends, i'm still in love with number 2, but he's just a friend, actually my best friend, and having to listen to what he does and dating and all that KILLS me, might as well just pull a missery on me dude will hurt less. Oh well, shit happens.

I'm currently working for things remembered, no clue if I mentioned I was working there a year ago, I think I was in line for a job but it wasn't full time at first so I worked at Journey's instead, but now i'm full time there and YAY, it's not really bad, the staff consist of 2 hags and 2 fags, so..LOL. you can imagine the trouble we get ourselves into.

I have to say this now. I'M OBSESSED WITH THE TWILIGHT SERIES, waiting on the movie is pure torture, I love Robert Pattinson and i'm thrilled he's playing Edward, and they couldn't have chosen a better Bella Swan. They all fit the parts well. I am on book 3, I am going over board with the merchandise, but oh well shit happens, you know me I'm not very subtle when it comes to merchandise I do belive I should get a cut of the proceeds cause god nows I should get something back for all the crap I buy.

Not even sure who still even reads this thing but oh well, guess i'll see...I've missed it and i've missed you guys...
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Ry Ry
19 June 2007 @ 06:46 pm
So I sometimes don't know how to handle some things, and people. I hate when I feel I have to apoligize or explains my actions, I mean when I do something really shitty i'll be more then happy to say i'm sorry or try and make it right. But it gets exhausting trying to keep the peace and please everyone. I can't. And I won't. It's not worth it.

But I should probably get into more details about the things I posted about yesterday beings I barely said much and it was a quicky update.

Work: I have been written up twice,and i'm on my way to getting a 3rd and that means grounds for termination. I've been getting in trouble for taking legal breaks, such as getting something quick to eat, or using the rest room, or just taking a 10 minute break so I don't go nuts being in that damn stand 24/7. And my numbers haven't been good, even though I used to blow away numbers now i'm down a thousand again, and thank god this monday will be my last day there and I can be FREE. I am so excited, it was a good day when I left for the beach. I managed to basically land a man and quit my fulltime job and got my life back.

So now i'm trying to find a new job and I think I have one, but on some level i'm not sure if I even want it, cause it could cause complications, and I don't like shit like that. I don't have the tie or the paitence anymore. So guess time will tell.

My man, he is amazing, I met him at xs, I think in april I need to figure it out for sure, so I can remember when the magic started, from day one we were flirting and a couple months later I managed to turn someone who wasn't looking for a relationship to wanting one. Now that's magic. LOL. He'll be 30 on the 26th of this month. He's just what I've been looking for, someone older then me, someone that knows how to have fun, someone my family loves, someone I feel comfortable with, and I do. I can tell him anything and do anything and he's still hooked. I think the shock hasn't warn off. But i'm sure it won't cause I can't belive someone wanted to date me, I mean seriously. And what's really sad is I have christian to thank for it. he took me up there, introduced me to jenny who then introduced me to joe. So, ok i'm rambling. But what's new with that. I'll have pics of the trip from the beach as soon as I get home long enough to download them to my computer.
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Ry Ry
19 June 2007 @ 04:35 am
So wow it's been like a few months since I last posted, I thought I had let the paid thing go, but guess that was just for the user pics cause they went from over 100 to like 5 so not cool..I had a ton...damnit, oh well.

I've just been working tons, and partying even more..I am in the final week of my two weeks at my full time job, I finally had enough of the threats of more write ups and being fired, so not cool. So I figured better quit before I get fired, being fired doesn't look good on my app. Although the one place I thought I could get another full time job from hired someone I know instead, don't get me wrong i'm happy for them and all but I need the benefits and that, they already have those...

I also wow who knew these words would come out of my mouth, but I have a boyfriend. We just made it official yesterday so, he's amazing. His name is Joe, love him to peices. He and I have moved so close this past month. And yeah I got a man, so I can finally stop bitching about that. Guess i'll have to find a new hobby since that one got taken away, thank god. So that's about it really. I've just been having fun left and right, went to the beach last week. Was a blast, but glad to be back home. I actually missed lancaster, who the hell thought i'd see the day. But it's good to get away get a bit of color and all that jazz...

Well my b/f is sitting on his computer while i'm on mine, so guess i'm going to get going to spend time with him. Or at least maybe we can get some sleep while we're both in the same room. That would be odd.
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Ry Ry
18 February 2007 @ 04:48 pm
So since I have no idea if anyone even goes to 8ballgraphix anymore, even though I did post there too, I figured i'd post my icons here too...since I know you guys read this, or at least I hope you check in once in awhile.

2 Hello Kitty
2 Lauren Grahamn
4 Jason Lee
1 Ryan Reynolds
4 Smokin' Aces
1 Fergie
1 Hoobastank
2 Shirota Yuu
3 Basilisk
2 Excel Saga
3 Naruto
2 Prince of Tennis
9 Gakuen Heaven
8 InuYasha

#05 #31

i'm such a teaseCollapse )
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Ry Ry
10 February 2007 @ 08:03 am
If you couldn't tell yesterday was just straight up SHITTY. I was still sick, so I wasn't in th best of moods, and I come in to this LONG list of things the RM said to change, ok so i'm working on those, oh wait we have to do like 2100 bucks yesterday, WTF we could only do that during the holidays, but yes I know it's like real close to the big ol S.A.D. (single awareness day) that we love to celebrate every year. But still, and then wait here comes 600 peices of shipment and the items we needed to have earlier in the week to put out for this special day. And then in comes 2 new double towers, so now we have 4 single towers sitting around full of paper. SO needless to say we were also pretty dead, now when the night came around we did pretty good. But I did pretty decent considering it was just me till like 4 or 4:30, and there was supposed to be someone there at 1:30, but my manager was sick so of course that wasn't going to happen. Oh and then m RM once again gives jackie a hard time, Jackie isn't a manager, this is the one time i'll say she's just a key and that's all she is, she doesn't do anything me and kara do. Hell she's not trained too which is not my fault, i'd rather she be trained to pick up where we can't do it. Like I don't think she'd even know how to set up a tray. So and get this, Jackie told the RM how I been working so hard all day by MYSELF, and all and guess what she said. Basically she and Emily said it was along the lines of I would probably screw it up anyway. Oh really, that just makes me want to work even harder, what is with me and Dm's and RM's just boosting my work ethic there. I'm sorry i've spent 2 very misserable days at work barely being able to talk i've been coughing so much, But she didn't know my manager took the day off because she was sick. Uh oh, someones in trouble but i'm sure she'll put on the tears and it'll all go away. Only her. If I tried that, yeah I could just see how well that would go over. Anywhere else she'd pull that the DM would call her bluff and fire her.
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